Employee Plant Program

February 24, 2019

Our Employee Plant Program offers an easy way for every employee to get a plant for their desk. An office desk plant can increase employees’ sense of ownership and engagement with the company, especially for employees who are remote or working from home.  Research shows that Millennials prefer work environments that allow them to personalize and change it to their liking.

An office desk plant is not only a great way for employees to personalize their space, it also improves wellness and happiness while providing a visual and physical connection with the company.  Here are the key benefits of the Employee Plant Program:

  1. Personalization.  Employees simply fills out a short survey with information on the amount of light available at their desk. Garden Streets selects a desk plant that is best suited to the environment and that fits with the company’s budget.

  2. Customization. Each office desk plant can ship with a custom note, branded pot or any other swag you would like to add.

  3. Delivery.  We ensure that plants arrive on-time and safely through careful packaging and delivery.

  4. Support.  We take the guess work out of plant care by including a detailed plant care guide with each plant. Employees can also opt-in to receive personalized text or email reminders for plant care!

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how employee plant program works?

Regardless of the size of your team, this program is super easy to roll out. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Announce to your team. We create a custom link for you to send out to your team. This links to a short form that asks for basic shipping information and the lighting condition at your employee’s desk (sunny, shady, etc.) You don’t need to collect addresses at all.

  2. Select and mail plants. Based on the information provided, our team selects plant varieties that will work well for the lighting conditions at each employee’s desk, and mail the package to them. Even if this is for desks at the office, employees will each get their own package to open. We have a range of plant sizes and varieties to fit every budget.

  3. Easy, single invoice. We tally up the total number and variety of plants and send you a final invoice or PO.

We recommend encouraging your employees to take advantage of social media channels and tag themselves and their new desk plant for fun team or company-wide sharing. Since plants are long-lived, this gift will bring joy for a long time.


why employee plant program is different?

There are three big differences between Garden Streets Employee Plant Program and other online plant shopping sites:

1. We select the plant variety based on the lighting conditions available, so plants are set up for success. With other online sites, you have to make the selection without knowledge of the recipients’ growing environment, leading to a much higher chance of failure due to mismatch, not to mention the extra work on your part to collect and enter names and addresses for everyone.

2. We offer on-going support. All plants ordered through us come with 90 days of free plant care reminders via text or email. We find that 77% of employees opt-in to receive reminders. This additional support makes it even easier and stress-free for employees to enjoy their office desk plant, instead of feeling anxious that they might kill it. After 90 days, employees can choose to continue the service for $0.99/month.

3. It’s not JUST plants. We are experts at running employee engagement programs and virtual on-site events. We will work with you across all stages of the program roll-out so it goes smoothly for your entire team, including best-practice communication.


“I got a ton of appreciative feedback from my colleagues and I’m so glad we did it!”

— lauren o, logrocket
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