Seasonal Outdoor Planters

Seasonal outdoor planters are beautiful and eye-catching additions to entryways, balconies and outdoor spaces.  Garden Streets updates the plantings for each major season so you always have something interesting, colorful and welcoming to enjoy.  Exact plant combinations and planting timing may vary from year to year, but one thing is certain:  they are beautifully designed and maintained.


After a dark Winter, Spring plantings bring a much-needed splash of color.  Cool-weather and frost-tolerant tulips, daffodils, pansies, and more are selected to create cheerful plantings.  The color and pattern combinations are endless!


Summer is the time for lush trailing foliage and ever-blooming colors.  Our team takes care of all plant maintenance tasks, including deadheading and fertilizing, to encourage continuous blooms.


Rich colors and cool-temp tolerant plants combine together to showcase the season’s bounties.  We often incorporate other fun, elements such as pumpkins and gourds, to add long-lasting color.


In the Winter and Holiday season, we design based on your preference of color and theme.  Let it be Winter Nature or Festive Holidays, we deliver the right look for your space. 

Let’s Get Started!

Seasonal Outdoor Container Gallery


We prefer to have mostly greenery for our containers. Is that possible?

Yes, we design containers based on your preferences.  We work with many plant varieties ranging from colorful annuals to evergreen shrubs.  

We have an extremely dry and sunny site. Can we still have containers?

Yes, we always design based on the environment.  For extremely dry and sunny sites such as rooftops or windy patios and balconies, we use hardy plants, succulents and evergreens.  We also install drip irrigation or use planters with built-in reservoires to combat the harsh environment.

What's the cost range for planters?

Seasonal planting pricing is based on container size, location, design and frequency of planting.  Contact us and we’ll figure out what’s best for you!  

How often do you maintain outdoor containers?

During active growing season, we visit on a weekly or bi-weekly basis during heat waves.  High traffic areas may require more frequent visits as well.

How do you deal with damage caused by weather or theft?

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent bad weather or theft.  When damage is discovered, we work with you to quickly replace the plants.  Cost for the replacement plants is quoted in advance so there are no surprises.