Plant Parties

Gather your friends, family, and coworkers, and get your hands dirty together with a truly fun experience!  Our plant parties are themed based on season, ranging from Succulent Terrariums to Bonsai, from Kitchen Herb Gardens (wrapping plants in moss) to seasonal favorites like Wreath Making and Floral Arrangements.  We also meld the theme of nature with other art and craft themes such as watercolor and pumpkin decorating.

How It Works

Pick an Activity

Choose the activity you’d like to do.  Many of our Plant Party experiences are available year-round, but some are seasonal such as wreath making and herb gardens.

We also provide demos and specific talks  on topics related to nature and wellness, such as A-Z of Vegetable Gardening and Houseplants 101.  

Pick a Time and Place (we support in-person, virtual, and hybrid formats)

Let us know where and when to host your event.  We can travel in-person to your location, or ship kits to everyone in your group and host the event virtually.  Hybrid formats are available as well.

We usually book 3-4 weeks in advance for Plant Parties.

Have fun!

Since 2019, we have hosted hundreds of plant party events, virtually and in-person.  Your group will have a great time!

All Materials are Provided

Every Plant Party Event provides all materials needed to make the themed item, so all your group needs to do is show up!  For virtual events where we ship kits, our fulfillment warehouse takes care of everything, including packing, shipping, and tracking.

Expert Led

Our Plant Party Event Hosts are experts in plant care and design.  Urban myths are dispelled, and attendees walk away from events with a beautiful piece, along with valuable tips on plants, nature, and design.

In-Person or Virtual

Whether everyone is on-site or if some of your group is remote, we support both formats and make sure everyone feels included and has a great time!


Instead of doing a holiday party plus a gift, why not combine them with a Plant Party where the experience of making is fun and the end result is a beautiful gift that keeps giving?

Let’s Get Started!

























































Do you have a minimum or maximum for each party?

Yes, we have a minimum of 10 attendees for each party, but we have not run into any maximum limits yet!  The largest event we’ve done had 300+ people. 

Are you available any time during the week?

Our hours for plant parties are M-F 9am – 9pm EST excluding holidays.  We usually book at least 3 weeks in advance.

Where can you ship kits to?

We can ship full kits with live plants and soil to addresses in the continental US.  For international  addresses, we may be able to source locally or send a partial package where customs restrict live plants and soil.  Let us know where and we can give a more accurate response.

When do I need to book for a holiday event?

Holiday times is especially busy so we recommend booking early and reach out to us at least 1 month ahead of time.

What locations can you travel to?

We have local hosts in major cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago and SF.  We are also happy to travel to your location.  Travel fees may apply so just let us know where you are located.