Office Plant Design

Bringing nature indoors has been proven to provide many benefits to visitors, employees, and clients alike.  Garden Streets takes a design-first approach to ensure that every installation is thoughtfully matched to your environment, budget and aesthetics.  Let our expert knowledge of products and plants work for you to refresh, elevate and welcome everyone. 

Design First

Our founder, Jen Gouldstone, is a Master Gardener and trained florist.  We work with nature, not against, to find the best plant and design that’s the best fit for your space, lighting conditions, budget, timing and color preferences.  We are candid in our assessments if a location does not lend itself for healthy plant life, we are candid in our assessments, and will incorporate alternatives such as moss walls and faux plants as needed.


We frequently work with condensed timelines.  Our plant inventory is refreshed regularly to ensure reliable supply so when we propose something, it is as ready to go as you are!  We also source plants from growers all over so there is always a Plan B option if needed.  Most installations can be completed within 2-3 weeks from sign-off.  Rush orders are possible as well!

Passionate Team

Everyone on our team are true plant lovers with green thumbs!  Our passion for all things green and nature-inspired comes through in every interaction, from fast email responses to loving care of plants on client sites.  We have a keen eye for detail and nothing fulfills us more than seeing a space transformed by the addition of greenery and plants.  

Working with Us

1.  Discovery & Design

Great design starts with understanding of your space, needs and preferences.  What’s the timeline?  Any budget preferences?  How about design renderings or floor plans? What’s the lighting condition and direction?

Our design team then takes all factors into account and creates a thoughtful proposal for you to review and approve.  We use a visual approach so you can see exactly what plants and containers will look like and where they will go in your space.

2. Delivery & Installation

Once the design is approved, we take care of everything from materials ordering and inspections, to final delivery and installation.  Our installation team is professional and conscientious to minimize disruptions to your work. We even travel with cleaning equipment to ensure no debris is left behind!

Rush orders are possible and we have been known to turn around a project within a week from initial contact to installation!

3. On-going Maintenance

Our Plant Care Specialists love what they do and it shows!  Ongoing maintenance to us  includes every aspect of plant care: watering, pruning, fertilizing, cleaning, turning and deadheading for flowering plants.

In cases where a plant does not look healthy or grows too large for the design, we replace it as part of the warranty program.  We are experienced working with plants in a wide range of lighting and temperature conditions, including seasonal outdoor container plantings and care.

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What areas do you cover?

Our crew is local to the Greater Boston and lower half of New Hampshire area.  We have the largest geographical coverage in the New England area.  We also have a national network of partners to support clients with multiple locations.

Where do you get plants from?

We source plants from proven growers and distributors in the Northeast and Florida areas.  We also do plant searches if there is a specific variety that you are looking for.  

This is our first time ordering plants for the office, do you have any recommendations?

Yes!  We’d love to help you!  Please complete the contact us form below and we’ll be in touch shortly to get you started.

We already have some plants but need some help caring for them. Is that something that you can do?

Yes, we have often taken over plant care for clients.  The first step is to schedule for an on-site evaluation to see what you have and then we can provide an estimate for care.

Our design team has already purchased containers. Can you bring the plants and take care of them?

Yes, we are happy to work with whatever you have.  Please send us a note via contact form and we’ll get in touch!  We just need to know the size, dimension and location of the containers so we can select the right plants for them.

Our office is closing for an extended period of time due to COVID and construction. What should we do with the plants?

We can either move your plants to our warehouse for care or reposition them to another area of your space so they can receive natural lighting.  We would continue to care for your plants on the regular schedule, wherever they are.

How often do you water plants?

Plant care visit schedule is determined by the installation.  Typical plant care visits range from weekly to every other week.