Moss Walls and Moss Art

Moss walls and moss art are hand-made and designed using preserved moss on light weight wood frames.  Their slim profiles make them perfect for bringing a splash of green to empty walls, narrow corridors or hard-to-reach places where live plants cannot survive or are not accessible for maintenance.  Moss walls  and art require no maintenance except for a semi-annual light dusting.



Moss art comes in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from rectangles to circles, from hexagons to custom silhouettes installed on-site.  Moss art can come with or without frame.  Even the frame color can be customized to match your decor.  

No Maintenance

The moss and natural elements used are preserved and are not actually alive.  Thus, moss walls and art require no ongoing maintenance unlike their live plant cousins.  This makes moss walls an excellent option for lobbies with high ceiling where live plants cannot be easily reached. 

Sound Absorption

Moss’ fine texture makes them excellent at absorbing sound.  When used on hard surfaces such as conference room walls, they provide the additional benefit of reducing echo. 


Moss art and walls come in many shapes and sizes to fit any space imaginable.  It’s a very versatile medium, especially when used in combination with other natural elements such as bark or wood cross sections to achieve beautiful, long-lasting effect.

Moss Wall and Art for You

1. Design and Measure

Great design starts with a discussion with you on your vision, timeline, and budget.  We then take photos and measurements on-site to ensure the best fit.  

2. Production

We order materials and get working on the art pieces.  For larger scale installations or designs with custom silhouettes, we may  stage and work directly on-site.  

3. Installation

Final installation includes prepping and drilling into the wall surface.  We can install moss art on dry wall, marble, and brick surfaces.

Let’s Get Started!

Moss Wall and Art Gallery


We have a very large wall that we'd like to cover with moss. Is that possible?

For large wall surfaces, we can install directly onto the wall or install moss sections together (like carpet tile, but vertical).  Depending on the design you’re looking to achieve, we can choose the right option.  Please complete the contact form below and we can discuss next steps!

I have an area that's very sunny. Is that ok for moss?

Direct sunlight will fade preserved moss much like paintings.  While the moss will look great when installed, direct sunlight will shorten its longevity and may make the moss crumbly over time.  We recommend installing the wall in an area that does not receive direct sunlight, or use a UV resistent faux plant installation which we are happy to do!

We may move from our current space in a couple of years. Is it possible to move the moss walls with us?

We can install your moss art on a frame so that it can be simply unscrewed or unhooked from the wall for easy transportation.  However, if the moss wall is installed directly onto the wall surface, then it cannot be removed easily.

I accidentally spilled water on the moss wall. What I do?

Moisture on the wall is not an issue because the wall will simply dry easily.