Live Green Walls

Live plant walls bring plants up to eye level and above, packing an amazing amount of plants on a very small footprint.  Installations of live plant walls vary greatly in size and cost based on the level of automation and manufacturer.  We have experience working with many different types of live plant walls.  As long as your location has adequate lighting, we can get live plants there!

Standalone Walls

Standalone live plant walls are great for office interiors because they require no plumbing connection to the building, so they can be installed as office furniture on top of carpeting or any flooring.  

Built-in automated lighting allows these standalone living walls to be used in dark areas, bringing live plants to locations that otherwise would not be able to support them.

Plant Portraits

For smaller walls or more budget-friendly options, plant portraits provide the essence of live plant walls without the cost.  Plants on these walls are hand-watered and manually rotated to ensure even exposure to light.  We also prune them frequently to keep them to size. 

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are extremely versatile because they can be mounted in any configuration and spacing.  Putting many  pieces close together gives the effect and impact of a live plant wall.  Mounted on columns in offices provides greenery without taking up any precious floor space.  

Built-in Live Plant Walls

Built-in live plant walls are built into the wall with water intake and drainage directly plumbed into the building.  These installations are typically done as part of a building lobby or otherwise public area.  Contact us via the form below and we will be in touch about next steps.

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What's the price range for a live plant wall?

Live plant wall pricing varies greatly based on the system used, size of installation, number and variety of plants and the complexity of the installation.  Please contact us for a quote!

How often do you maintain live plant walls?

Plants on a plant wall generally require more maintenance than their horizontally planted cousins and thus require more water and more pruning.  Depending on the growing condition and level of automation used, we visit on a weekly or every-other-week basis. 

What happens when plants on a live plant wall dies?

We replace them just like all other warrantied plants.  Depending on the system used, replacements may be a quick swap or more involved extraction.  We would coordinate with the client on timing to ensure minimal disruption to normal business if any replacements or maintenance need to be performed. 

What happens if a plant wall component fails or breaks?

We would identify the issue and work with the manufacturer to replace the component.  Live plant walls come with manufacturer’s warranties and are maintained as any equipment in the commercial real estate environment.  If any adjustments required a licensed plumber or electrician, then we would coordinate the work on behalf of the client.