Holiday Decor

From end of November to early December, we dress up your space for the holidays with festive trees, wreaths and garlands.  Our poinsettia program runs the entire month of December and includes delivery, set up and weekly plant care visits.  We work with your color preferences and have many non-denominational designs to ensure a great holiday season for all.  

Poinsettia Program

Poinsettias are The Plant for the holiday season.  Colors range from classic reds and whites to gorgeous pinks and even ones with glitter.  Whether you’re looking for a small pop of color on coffee tables or fire up the space with color, we are here to ensure a beautiful set up from start to finish.  

The Poinsettia Program runs throughout the month of December with frequent plant care visits and is separate from regular indoor foliage plant care.


Holiday Decor

Trees, wreaths and garlands!  These classics say “Happy Holiday” like no other.  We have a broad range of designs  and products available for major holidays, or preferences for non-denominational clients with a focus on Winter greenery.

Connect with us before November to get your order in!

Plant Gifting Program

Fresh seasonal plants such as Lemon Cypress, orchids and other lush foliage is a great way to say “Thank You” and “Happy Holiday” to clients and employees alike.  We deliver locally and also offer nationwide shipping.

Custom gift notes are included as well.  Connect with us before November to place your order.  Minimums may apply.

Let’s Get Started!

Holiday Decor Gallery


When do we need to place an order with you for this year?

We prefer to have all holiday orders in before November so we can reserve inventory for you.

What happens to the decorations after the holidays?

If you are renting the decor from us, then we will come by and take them down at the end of December or early January.

If you purchased the decor from us, we can provide the same take down service along with storage for the next year if you don’t have room on-site to store them. 

Do you use real or faux plants for holiday decorations?

Due to fire safety codes in commercial buildings, all interior decorations are faux materails.  However, we use real plants and branches for outdoor containers and entrances.

Do decorations stay the same every year?

If you are renting decorations from us, then decorations change from year to year to keep things interesting while honoring your color preferences.

If you purchased your decorations, then we will only use those items for you.