Startup enhances open floor layout with biophilic design

March 10, 2021

Affectiva used plants to improve employee wellness by creating organic and non-intrusive visual barriers.


Client:  Affectiva

Space: New corporate office space with open floor plan

Timeline: 3 weeks (from contract to completion)

Plantscape:  Variety of medium to large plants

Maintenance Program: Regular on-site maintenance


With a new office and open floor plan, Affectiva wanted to integrate plants and improve the office’s negative space, while also providing a wellness benefit to employees.


Garden Streets incorporated plants to assist Affectiva’s employee health and office layout. Plant visual barriers were placed between desk rows so that employees could enjoy greenery instead of looking at the back of computer monitors. The green barriers also reduced noise and increased privacy.

To save on costs, Garden Streets installed a green wall using mounted planters instead of traditional manufactured systems. Plants were added to conference rooms to better direct employee attention and maintain an organic aesthetic.

As a busy startup, Affectiva opted to use Garden Streets’s monthly office plant services in order to keep the plants healthy and thriving.

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