Plantscaping and maintenance for Siemens

March 10, 2021

Siemens had limited time to find a vendor for indoor office plants that could complete the installation in time for their new office opening.


Client:  Siemens

Space: New office in Boston

Timeline:  Two weeks from first contact to completed installation

Plantscape:  126 Small and Medium indoor office plants to complete the look with custom planters

Maintenance Program: On-site maintenance


New office opening date was only two weeks away from when Garden Streets was first contacted by the client. Everything, including proposal and approval, needed to be turned around in record time.


With only a couple of weeks until the opening date, Siemens needed an indoor office plant vendor and an interior plant service to complete the installation, which included custom-built planters. Garden Streets not only was the vendor with the fastest proposal time, but we were also able to guarantee installation within the tight time frame.

While Siemens opted to take maintenance in-house, Garden Streets provided comprehensive plant care guidelines for Siemens office staff. Three months after installation, Siemens chose Garden Streets again to take over the indoor plant maintenance services to allow staff to focus on other projects.

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