Helping a software company grow its office

March 10, 2021

Expert indoor office plant selection and maintenance led Everbridge to a more welcoming and connected office.


Client:  Everbridge

Space: 2-floor office space in Burlington, approximately 30,000 sq ft

Timeline:  One day

Plantscape:  3 live green walls, 53 medium and large floor plants

Maintenance Program: Monthly on-site maintenance


Rapidly-growing company added a second floor to their office and wanted to bring unity between the floors and make the new space feel more inviting. Large area needed coverage with focus to maximize live plants.


Garden Streets designed the interior plantscapes to consider growing factors such as A/C vents, lighting, and egress. Given the large area that needed coverage, Garden Streets selected cost-effective containers to help the client maximize the amount of live indoor office plants.

After installation, Garden Streets provided on-site office plant services to ensure plant health on a regular basis.

Employees enjoyed the wide variety and sizes of plants which brought an organic vibe to the office, connecting the new space with the old. Everbridge decided to renew and increase its indoor office plant budget for the subsequent year.





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